Custom Bodyscan Meditation Generator

Body scans are an extremely relaxing way to meditate, often it feels as though you are guiding relaxing tingling energy around your body, which is very pleasant. Normally it’s good to start with some proper guided meditations, so you get an idea of what to do with your mind whilst meditating, but after listening to the same meditation more than a few times, it can get annoying especially as they introduce the techniques. OftenI find myself wanting more silence. This page allows you to construct your own guided meditation using the browsers speech synthesizer. If you want to add more body parts, to the default feel free. I often like to spend extra time on the breath, and sometimes extra time on various body parts if there is pain, and this can be customized.

Most days I like to do a couple of 10 minute meditations but if a day has been stressful I can do a very long one.  You can experiment with how you order your body parts, some like to start at the top and work down, others the reverse.  I tend to like to start at the breath go down, and then go up, I don’t know why. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please do get in contact!

How to use:

List the body parts you would like to address on different lines in the text area. If you want to spend more time on a part, add more spaces. Select the voice and attributes, and set how long you want the meditation to be and then click Start! (I personally like the (slightly Irish?) Fiona, with the lowest rate, and a highish pitch)

Body parts on seperate lines:
Number of minutes: