The way things are going...

I have now been using Chat-GPT, and Github's Copilot for coding for 3 months, and I just have to say, some days I am just breezing through tasks that would otherwise take me ages. For me, it's perfect as it excels at the tasks I actually struggle with, e.g. boring boilerplate, repetitive, data entry type things, leaving me to feel more mental space to think about the big picture as well as staying more organised.

The thing is in many cases I will have to tweak or alter some code - both the above tools are essentially super-charged autocomplete which essentially just speed up my typing ability. They still need me to direct how the code all fits together as well as read and correct mistakes.

Soon I may have a project using a low-code framework Oracle Apex, which recently I have spent some time watching a few tutorials and examples of projects built. I am pretty excited about this, as I can definitely see how quickly it could be used for certain types of project. Still it's not 'no-code' - having a decent knowledge of REST APIs, SQL, and CSS seems to be a must for anything but the most basic app.

Sometimes I still wonder (and slightly worry) as primarily a web developer, how much actual coding will I be doing on a daily basis say in 2-3 years time. The way things are going, it might be very little, and at some point there may be professional app builders who know very little code - but still I find it hard to believe that they would not be at a disadvantage in some way. Coding is such a rewarding activity, so it would be sad for that skill to become obsolete, but building stuff quickly and well is also great - I guess we will see!