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Web HTML5 | Javascript | PHP | Drupal | WordPress | Laravel | React

Native C | C++ | Java | VB | Swift | Objective-C | C#

Psych Psychtoolbox | EPrime | Tobii | Eyelink | Psychopy

Data SQL | SPSS | Python | R | MATLAB

Mobile iOS | Android | NW.JS | QT

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Hardware Flir One | Structure Sensor | Leap Motion

Graphics GIMP | Photoshop | Blender

I also have skills in statistics, probability, a working knowledge of linear algebra and a wide range of professional data analysis experience.

Institutions I have worked for

Logos for some of the institutions I have worked for: Sussex, Barcelona,
             Surrey Logos for more of the institutions I have worked for: Paris Descartes, Birkbeck and SISSA

Some of the recent things I've worked on...

Screenshot of perception census website

Perception Census

The Perception Census is an online test platform that allows users to explore their perceptual abilities whilst learning about the science of perception. It was released in 2022 and has so far collected data from over 5 million online tests.

Visit the website
Screenshot of parenting with anxiety social anxiety intevention

Parenting with Anxiety

The Parenting with Anxiety app is an online social anxiety intervention for parents. It was built in Moodle with a RCT framework custom programmed. The RCT is currently underway with results expected mid-2023!

Visit the website
Screenshot of Colourspot colour vision app


Colourspot is an iPad game that helps asses childrens' colour vision. Children tap coloured dots, and it runs statistical models to detect ant colour vision deficiencies. It is currently undergoing a certification process for UKCA marking

Visit the website
Screenshot of Syntoolkit website


Syntoolkit started as a series of customisable tests for different types of synaesthesia. It grew into a general purpose platform for creating and hosting psychology experiments, with a form builder, experiment flow, and results sharing interface.

Visit the website
Screenshot of Soundsight website


Soundsight is an iOS app which uses depth information from the iPhone camera to generate sounds, which visually impaired people can use to help with navigation.

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Screenshot of iPhone app don't worry

Don't worry

Don't worry is a mobile app as a simple CBT based intevention for student anxiety. Students can customise their materials for helping them change their worrying behaviours.

Past projects (more detail)