You can browse a short list of example projects, see a list of places I've worked or see a more comprehensive list of past projects.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of technologies I have worked with:

HTML5 | Javascript | PHP | Drupal | WordPress | Laravel | React | AWS
C | C++ | Java | VB | Swift | Objective-C | C#
Psychtoolbox | EPrime | Tobii | Eyelink | Psychopy
SQL | SPSS | Python | R | MATLAB
iOS | Android | NW.JS | QT
Unity3D | Oculus Rift | Kinect
Flir One | Structure Sensor | Leap Motion
GIMP | Photoshop | Blender

I also have skills in statistics, probability, a working knowledge of linear algebra and a wide range of professional data analysis experience. More recently, I have become an avid user of LLMs, specifically Chat-GPT and Github copilot for coding.

Example projects

Perception Census

Screenshot of perception census website

A large-scale online test platform, a collaboration between Sussex and Glasgow Universities and Collective Act. In total, 33,780 people from 133 countries took part, completing 102,689 sections of The Perception Census, making it the largest study of its kind. The findings and insights will impact numerous academic fields from neuroscience, to philosophy, to anthropology. The tests included questionnaires, optical illusions and many different kinds of interactive multimedia based evaluations of perceptual skills and differences.

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Parenting with Anxiety

Screenshot of parenting with anxiety social anxiety intevention

The Parenting with Anxiety app is an online version of a successful intervention for parents who have anxiety. The aim of the intervention was to teach parents how to manage their anxiety in a way that makes it less likely to pass on to their children. It was built in Moodle with a RCT framework custom programmed. The results of the RCT are currently being written up with results expected mid-2023!

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Screenshot of Colourspot colour vision app

Colourspot is an iPad game that provides an indicative diagnostic assessment of childrens' colour vision. Children tap coloured dots, and it runs statistical models to detect common colour vision deficiencies. It is currently undergoing a certification process for UKCA marking. The app was built in Unity, with animations and illustrations provided by a designer. The game's display required custom shaders to render a controlled presentation of colours.

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Screenshot of Syntoolkit website

Syntoolkit started as a series of customisable tests for different types of synaesthesia. It grew into a general purpose platform for creating and hosting psychology experiments, with a form builder, experiment flow, and results sharing interface. It is now used within the department by many researchers to help spin up psychology experiments quickly and for free, and to share and collaborate with students and other researchers.

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Screenshot of Soundsight website

Soundsight is an iOS app which uses depth information from the iPhone camera to generate sounds, which visually impaired people can use to help with navigation. Depth information from the native iPhone cameras, and from third party hardware is transformed into a realtime stream of parameters which are hooked up to a variety of sound loops. The user has the experience of sound changing as they navigate towards and away from obstacles, as well as the quality of sound changing with colour shifts.

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Places I've worked

Logos for some of the institutions I have worked for: Sussex, Barcelona,
             Surrey Logos for more of the institutions I have worked for: Paris Descartes, Birkbeck and SISSA

Past projects (more detail)