Filter coffee as a gateway to caffeine abuse

For my birthday I got a Hario V60 Glass Brewing Kit, which I asked for because I thought 'Hey it will be nice to be able to make myself and my partner, a nice morning coffee together, rather than making two Moka pots'.

One thing led to another, and now I am drinking two delicious cups of proper coffee in the morning instead of one, which is... not what I had originally intended, but certainly a welcome outcome!

Top down picture of filter after first coffee

Using James Hoffman's technique, I can report that V60 filter coffee is both an upgrade in taste on the Moka pot (for lighter/medium roasts) and more fun. It involves more attention and complexity in the ritual of making of the coffee as well as less cleaning, which are both big thumbs up for me.

My Moka pot is feeling a bit sad, all cleaned up sitting in the cupboard. I am sure at some point we will reunite!