How to block pinterest in Google searches without a plugin in Chrome

TLDR: Add custom search terms to your search engine setting in the browser

It’s a running bad joke how annoying pinterest is in search results for the average non-pinterest user. Every now and then I look at pinterest for ideas, but 99% of days I do not, and yet still pinterest is often occupying two of my front page search results, plus the ads, leaving hardly any room for actual search results.

Google used to have a ‘Personal block list’ feature that allowed you to filter out domains you didn’t want to, but they removed that. I looked for solutions, and finally figured out a relatively neat one which at least didn’t involve installing anything. The solution is to add custom search terms to your default search engine in chrome settings.


  1. Go to Chrome settings, followed by ‘Manage search engines’.
  2. Click your current default search engine and copy the the Query URL.
  3. Exit that window and click ‘Add’.
  4. Paste the Query URL in and add the extra search terms you always want included. If you do a google search with your search terms, you can just copy from this. In the screenshot I just added ‘+-pinterest’ to cast pinterest, and anyone who even talks about it, into the abyss. You can specifically exclude domains, which might be better practice e.g: ‘’.
  5. Give it a name, keyword, and set it as default.
  6. Congratulations you can search away in peace.

Screenshot of manage search engines in Chrome, instructions are above in article