Using soap instead of laundry detergent

A year and a half ago I spent £21.99 on soap flakes from Chateau du Savon, to use in place of laundry detergent for clothes washing. I am now thoroughly convinced that laundry detergent is basically a con.

Here are some facts about my soap flakes journey:

Obviously circa £5 a year or so on laundry is not in the slightest bit profitable. It's a huge saving, and when I've mentioned this to other people, I get the impression that it's so unbelievable they must think there are downsides, and that only crazy hippies would choose this!

The whole world has been suckered in by intensive marketing for qualities such as freshness, smell and stain removing ability. All of which are completely unnecessary day-to-day, and in the case of chemical 'freshness' and scent have potentially unknown toxicity. Do with this information as you wish!